SDU – KBM: University of Southern Denmark, Department of Chemical Engineering, Biotech. and Environmental Tech

The research at KBM focuses on chemical process engineering, biomass processing, environmentally efficient technologies and biosystems technology. KBM helps create growth and prosperity through technically sound engineering solutions that integrate other disciplines. By means of various forms of cooperation such as internships, student projects, networking and research projects with the industry and other public research institutions, there is a constant exchange of experience and knowledge which ensures that all parties have access to the latest and most relevant knowledge. 



AU Food – Aarhus University Department of Food Science

The research at Department of Food Science provides basic and application-oriented knowledge in animal and plant products. This knowledge contributes to a sustainable and secure food production with a focus on food supply, consumers, competitiveness and existing laws. Research focuses on an optimum utilisation of water, nutrients and chemicals in conventional and organic cultivation systems. The outcomes deliver new solutions and technologies which increase efficiency, reduce environmental impact and at the same time ensure a high-quality food product.



Elkærhom is a family owned Aronia orchard placed in Egtved (Denmark). Since 2001 Dorthe and Hans Peter produce a variety of Aronia-based products including cold-pressed Aronia juice, Aronia shot, liquor and marmalade. Their juice production is based on cold-pressing of the berries. This ensures a good taste of the juice, and at the same time produces a pomace very rich in anthocyanins.


Chr Hansen Natural Colors AS

Chr. Hansen is a global market leader in bioscience and natural ingredients. Addressing some of the greatest challenges of our generation, more than 3,000 Chr. Hansen employees work every day for a future defined by natural solutions. A global game changer, our capabilities tap directly into important global challenges and work for a world defined by sustainable solutions. Our solutions are inspired by the brilliance of nature and make a real difference to humans, animals and plants.

 Chr Hansen Reception 3


Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin

Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin is a sour cherry wine producer in Harpelunde (Lolland, Denmark). Frederiksdal produces fermented sour cherry wines of high quality, that differentiate themselves from regular sour cherry liquors. The climate in Lolland is ideal for production of the small black cherries Stevnskirsebær, also known as ‘the grape from the North’.