October 22, 2020: 5th Project Meeting at the Odense Adelige Jomfrukloster


August 10, 2020: Master defense - Review and economic evaluation of different extraction techniques for recovery of anthocyanins from Aronia pomace


June 29, 2020: Online meeting with SDU, Chr Hansen and Aquaporin A/S


June 24, 2020: Visit to Elkærholm


June 19, 2020: Master defense - Production of concentrated anthocyanins from black carrot juice by membrane technology


June 12, 2020: Master defense - Extraction and processing of natural pigments from carrots 


February 10, 2020: Hands-on laboratory workshop with master students and Chr. Hansen at SDU


November 27, 2019: 4th Project Meeting at SDU-TEK, Odense


November 11, 2019: Meeting regarding master projects at Aquaporin A/S, Kongens Lyngby


September 23-24, 2019: Workshop Valuable Products from residual biomasses towards a greener society, Sofia (Bulgaria)

Postdoc Thalles A. Andrade presented the work Optimization of the Anthocyanins extraction process from Aronia berries pomace


June 19, 2019:  3rd Project Meeting at Elkærhom, Egtved (Denmark)


June 10, 2019:  Congress Membrane Technology Forum Minneapolis (USA)

The project leader Birgir Norddahl (SDU-KBM) presented the work A hybrid membrane system for production of natural colors for food, food supplements and nutraceuticals 


May 20 - 24, 2019:  Visit to IRSA-CNR, Bari (Italy) with Erasmus + Training Mobility

Postdoc from SDU-KBM M. Cinta Roda-Serrat visited the research center IRSA-CNR for a week to learn new techniques for biomass characterization.

March - June 2019:  Bachelor and master thesis projects at SDU-KBM

Indholdstoffer i økologiske grøntsager, Bachelor thesis Bodil A. Jepsen and Maria H. Mindegaard.

Optimization of anthocyanin extraction from Aronia Melanocarpa pomace, Master thesis Janus Rindom


March 5, 2019:  1st Meeting of the Forum for Membrane Filtration in Food Processing, Copenhagen University, Frederiksberg (Denmark)

Postdoc M. Cinta Roda-Serrat presented PROBIOFA to a mixed audience from the Danish academia and industry


April 8-10, 2019: Conference Engineering with Membranes 2019, Båstad, Sweden

Postdoc M. Cinta Roda-Serrat presented the work Production of anthocyanin extracts in an enzyme - Membrane Bioreactor (e-MBR)


January 24, 2019:  2nd Project Meeting at the Chr. Hansen A/S facilities in Tåstrup.


September-November 2018:   SRP Project 

A student from Falkonersgård Gymnasium (Frederiksberg) conducted an experiment on the stability of anthocyanins from Aronia at SDU. Her results posed the basis to her SRP report.


September 24, 2018:   Kick-off meeting at Fredriksdal Gods (Harpelunde)

The PROBIOFA project partners visited the sour cherry winery and discussed future project directions.